Tuscany Workshop | 5-15 may 2020

10 day workshop!

In this workshop I will teach you techniques to enhance the story you want to tell with your painting: composition, perspective, lighting, detail (or lack of detail). We will work in watercolour sketchbooks, and larger sheets, and the media will be pencil, pen and ink, and watercolour. I will show how I choose a composition designed to draw your eye into a piece. Using a quick pencil sketch to jot down spontaneous ideas, then moving to ink for rough details, and finally watercolour, I will show you how I “see” the subject on the page, and how to avoid common mistakes. I will share insights about the importance of light and shadow to define shapes, perspective to add depth, and colour to tell a story. Most of all we will have fun! You’ll come away with a sketchbook you can be proud of, full of your unique paintings and colorful memories of this beautiful part of the world.

For more information visit Follow Your Senses in Tuscany





The price of the workshop is $3799/person.


Please email Karolina Lenart for more information and to register